Chelyabinsk Scientists Created Electronic Personal Trainer

The South Ural developers have created a device that not only determines the weight and other parameters of a person but also offers an individual training plan. The authors of the gym equipment unique for Russia won a grant from the Digital Economy national project, chelTV reports.  

Gravitron is the name of the first smart simulator of a personal trainer. It is noted that the Chelyabinsk company worked on its creation for almost a year, and now the smart system is fully operational.

“Before you start training, it will take biometric data from you, in what state you are today, this time. Second, when you go to the gym, the gym recognizes you. It knows that it is you and what kind of training you are going to have today,” the head of the company-developer, Dmitry Maksakov, said.

It is specified that the developers of the simulator have received several grants totaling over 35 million rubles. Currently, they are preparing 20 samples of new equipment for release.

Ru-Main, 29.08.2020 

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