Chelyabinsk Teenagers Performed at International Breakdance Tournament

Athletes from the Chelyabinsk region took part in the Russian Open Breaking Championships which took place in the Moscow Irina Viner-Usmanova Gymnastics Palace, chelTV reports. The competition brought together over 900 athletes from different countries.  

Picture: Chelyabinsk Regional Website

A team of 19 dancers from the Chelyabinsk sports school “Veronika” took part in such competitions for the first time. The highest result among the athletes was shown by Veronika Popova in the category of girls 7-10 years old. She entered the top 16 out of 70 athletes and fulfilled the requirements for awarding 1 junior category. Other participants demonstrated their skills in individual competitions, in the discipline “teacher-student”, and in the team championship among adults 5×5.

Ru-Main, 21.10.2020 

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