Chelyabinsk Tourist Found Cave With Huge Icicles [Video]

The South Ural tourist managed to find a unique place, almost untouched by people. The excavation of the old mine is dotted with a huge number of unusual icicles, each of which is as tall as an adult, chelTV reports.  

Chelyabinsk tourist, Alexander Grekhov, hides the location of the unique place since such a number of icicles have survived precisely due to the fact that the place is almost never visited by people. It is clarified that in this amazing place there are not only icicles but also a forest of ice stalagmites, the height of which in some places exceeds two metres.

A huge amount of frozen water in a secret place, found by a tourist, is explained by the fact that a stream flows over the mine. Alexander claims that you can only get to this amazing place with the help of special climbing equipment, and inside the cave, there is a slippery and uneven floor, so you have to tie a rope to thick stalagmites.

Ru-Main, 10.01.2021 

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