Children of Samara Doctors to Be Provided With Places in Kindergarten

In the Samara region, health workers will receive benefits. They will be provided with priority admission to preschool institutions. 

They offered to involve such a benefit for 5 years. According to preliminary information, in 2020, 483 children of health workers have a line up in kindergartens, in 2021 – in 564 children. Priorities are also given to children from large families, children, whose parents are disabled, who are disabled, or children of single parents.

Now children of prosecutors, judges, employees of the Investigative Committee, Chernobyl victims of health, and children of military personnel are eligible for admission to kindergarten out of line. Also, in the Samara region, the children of teachers of pre-school educational institutions are enrolled in kindergartens without any queue.

Ru-Main, 25.02.2020

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