China to Remake Famous Russian Film

The ‘Erdu Film’ Chinese film studio has acquired the rights to the production of a remake of the Russian film “Prizrak” (“Ghost”) released in 2015 by the Russian film studios ‘CTB’ and ‘Vodorod’, TASS reports. The Russian producers, Sergei Selyanov, Mikhail Vrubel, and Alexander Andryushchenko, have already signed a memorandum of intent with their Chinese partners to take direct part in the production of the film.  

Picture: Kinopoisk

“This is a very inspiring film and at the same time very entertaining, aimed at a mass audience. Despite the fact that the story takes place in Russia, with Russian heroes, it is inherently very global, it will be easily understood and accepted by the Chinese audience,” the producer of ‘Erdu Film’, Ben Ji, said.

The Chinese film studio intends to launch the project this year. It is specified that the general producer from China is known for major international projects, including “The Meg” which grossed over $500 million worldwide.

The original version of the film was directed by Alexander Voitinsky. According to the plot, the ambitious aircraft designer, Yuri Gordeev, dies in a car accident just a step away from the triumph of his career and becomes a ghost. Nobody sees him except the schoolboy Vanya, who even during his lifetime remains unnoticeable to others. Yura has a week to finish his life’s work and to lift the plane on which he has been working in recent years, and only Vanya can help him with this.

It is noted that the ‘CTB’ company created in 1992 is known for the release of such films as “Brother”, “Peculiarities of the National Fishing”, “Boomer”, the animated franchises “The Three Bogatyrs” and “Ivan Tsarevich and the Gray Wolf” and others; the ‘Vodorod’ film company founded in 2011 is famous for its films “Ice”, “Ice 2”, and “Invasion”.

Ru-Main, 12.08.2021 

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