Chinese Cars to Be Produced in Russia Under Lada Brand

The Head of AVTOVAZ, Maksim Sokolov, in a conversation with journalists, said that the production of Chinese cars under the Lada brand will be organized at the former Nissan plant in St. Petersburg. At the same time, it was previously known that companies from “friendly countries”, including China and Iran, will act as partners in restarting the plant. 

Picture: Maksim Sokolov; Samara

“We are negotiating with leading Chinese manufacturers,” Sokolov revealed. “Until we say what kind of cars they are, it is possible that it will not be one company.”

The Head of AVTOVAZ added that a large-node assembly will be organized at the first stage, and then the nodes and aggregates will be localized.

“We will use Nissan and Hyundai suppliers in St. Petersburg,” he specified.

The assembly of Chinese cars under the Lada brand will be launched during 2023; the plan for this year is 10 thousand cars. Already in 2024, AvtoVAZ expects to reach production volumes of 60-70 thousand units per year.

The plant itself, which produced Nissan cars from 2009 until the spring of 2022, is designed to produce 100 thousand cars per year. In the last year, three models were assembled there: X-Trail, Qashqai, and Murano.

Ru-Main, 13.01.2023
Source: Motor 

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