Chinese Foreign Ministry Called USA ‘Main Initiator’ of Ukrainian Crisis Due to Weapons Supplies

If the United States of America really cares about the Ukrainian people, they should stop supplying the country with weapons, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Mao Ning, said at a briefing. 

Picture: Chinese Foreign Ministry; Izvestia

“The United States is the main initiator and the main driving force of the Ukrainian crisis, they continuously supply heavy and offensive weapons to Ukraine, prolonging the conflict and making it more intense,” the diplomat noted.

She called on Washington to “stop profiting from the war” and “responsibly contribute to de-escalation”, to create conditions for peace negotiations by “interested parties.”

Earlier, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergei Ryabkov, said that Moscow also considers Washington “the main conductor” and “the main beneficiary” in the Ukrainian crisis. According to him, the US considers Ukraine as a testing ground for its military-industrial complex products and is testing weapons systems “for resistance to Russian weapons.”

Ru-Main, 30.01.2023
Source: RIA Novosti 

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