Christmas Trees After Holidays: Second Life for Used Wood

By the end of the New Year holidays, container platforms are overloaded with unnecessary Christmas trees. In the Samara region, it was figured out how to use them, reports 63.RU.   

Instead of a landfill for waste disposal, carriers will transport conifers to a special site. There, with the help of a crushing machine, the trees are processed into wood chips. And the raw materials received will be transferred to equestrian clubs. All Samara residents who are interested in this, will be able to get chips.

“Wood chips, which can be obtained after processing used Christmas trees, are valuable environmental raw materials. It is used as feed and litter for animals, as well as for gardening and cottage needs,” representatives of the regional recycling operator said.

Distribution of raw materials is planned to start from January 15. The regional recycling operator, EcoStroyResurs, will inform citizens about the exact place later.

Ru-Main, 09.01.2020 

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