City Life in Village: Rural Areas With Highest Salaries

In some villages of the Omsk region, earnings are close to urban ones, Omsk Inform portal reports. At a press conference, the Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Omsk Region, Nikolai Drofa, told how much rural people can receive for their work. 

“The average salary in the agricultural industry for 2019 amounted to 24,761 rubles. There are areas where it is higher. In the Omsk region – 31 thousand, in Okoneshnikovsky and Kormilovsky districts – 28 thousand each, in the Azov region – 27 thousand,” said Nikolai.

They are inferior to city salaries, but not much. Both skilled agronomists and livestock specialists receive 50 thousand rubles. People who are not satisfied with their salaries go on a shift to earn money in other regions.

Ru-Main, 23.02.2020

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