City People: Moscow Citizens Tell Interesting Stories About Different Professions

The new section “People of the City” has become available in the #MoskowWithYou project, which was launched by the Tourism Committee in March 2020. The experts from city services will share interesting stories there and tell more about their professions, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reports.  

Picture: Moscow Mayor Official Website

Several stories have already been told, including the one from the head of the Strogino search and rescue station, the head of the section of the bridge repair and restoration department, a gas equipment repair and maintenance mechanic, an industrial climber, a road worker, and others.

It is noted that the section was opened for the City Day, which will be celebrated on September 5 and September 6. As part of the project, Moscow workers of various spheres will tell what tasks they perform every day, how they help city residents in solving their problems, and what difficulties of their professions they face.

Ru-Main, 04.09.2020

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