Clowns Amused Kids in Chelyabinsk Children’s Hospital

In the Chelyabinsk regional children’s hospital, there is quarantine. That is why artists are now not allowed to get inside. But the clowns found a way out and came to the kids on an aerial platform, staging a performance right in front of the windows of the second and third floors, chelTV reports.  

It is noted that the artists not only showed children regular performances but also blew bubbles and tried to know children better. It appeared to be quite challenging, as they had to shout all the time to be heard through the glass windows.

First, the tower drove up to the neurological department and then to the oncological department. The clowns decided that until the quarantine ends, they will keep entertaining sick children all the time.

Ru-Main, 03.04.2021, Pictures: Chelyabinsk City Administration VK-Page  

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