Consumer Price Index in Russia Fell First Time in 2020

It is noted that vegetables fell by 2.8 per cent. In particular, potatoes became more affordable (by 4.6 per cent), tomatoes (by 3.9 per cent), onions (by 3.8 per cent), and cucumbers (3.3 per cent). In addition, the decline in prices for apples is 2.4 per cent.

It is specified that the largest growth in sugar prices was found in the Ryazan region (by 4.5 per cent). At the same time, sugar in the Stavropol Territory and Kursk Region, on the contrary, fell in price by 0.9 per cent. The Rosstat experts explained that the prices for other products were changing less noticeably.

Ru-Main, 14.08.2020 

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