Coronavirus News Appeared More Important for Russians Than Oil Prices

There are 2 times more Russians who follow the news about the spread of COVID-19 and the development of vaccines than those who are interested in oil prices, which follows from the results of a survey conducted by specialists of the SuperJob job search service. 

The survey results showed that every second Russian follows the news about the coronavirus (52 per cent). The dynamics of the dollar and euro exchange rates is followed by 44 per cent of the respondents. In turn, every fourth respondent (26 per cent) follows the change in oil prices.

It is noted that women are more likely than men to follow news about the coronavirus (56 per cent versus 49 per cent). Men are more likely to be interested in the dynamics of exchange rates (48 per cent versus 39 per cent of women). This also applies to the oil prices (31 per cent among men versus 19 per cent among women).

In addition, respondents over 45 are more likely to be interested in news about coronavirus, currency fluctuations, and oil prices than others (56 per cent, 52 per cent, and 33 per cent, respectively). Russians with an income of more than 80 thousand rubles per month are more likely to follow changes in exchange rates (47 per cent) and oil prices (34 per cent) than those with lower incomes.

However, compared to a similar study last year, Russians have seen less news on coronavirus (65 per cent last year and 52 per cent now). Also, Russians’ interest in news about exchange rates has decreased (52 per cent a year ago and 44 per cent now). Finally, 35 per cent of Russians were interested in oil prices in 2020, and now there are 26 per cent of them.

Ru-Main, 21.05.2021

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