Countless Flock of Birds Reached Center of Yekaterinburg [Video]

A huge flock of birds, which scared the inhabitants of Verkhnyaya Pyshma on December 3, reached the centre of Yekaterinburg on December 5.

Picture: Yekaterinburg Regional Website

Creepy photos and videos of birds were sent to the regional website by readers from the Summit business centre and from USUE.

Earlier, the Yekaterinburg official dealing with the protection of birds, Alexandra Khlopotova explained that the flocks circling over cities are absolutely normal.

According to Khlopotova, some species of the Corvidae family, outside of nesting time, gather in flocks, numbering as many as hundreds of individuals. As a rule, such large flocks can be seen at feeding places or at bird resting places (forest parks, cemeteries or woodlands near the borders of the settlement).

Ru-Main, 06.12.2019

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