Cross Flights of Russians and Americans to ISS to Start Not Earlier Than Autumn 2022

Flights of Russian cosmonauts on Crew Dragon spacecraft, and American astronauts on Soyuz (the so-called “cross flights”) will start no earlier than the autumn of 2022, which was reported to TASS by the Executive Director of Roscosmos for manned space programmes Sergey Krikalev.  

Picture: Roscosmos

“The roles in this crew [of the Soyuz MS-22 spacecraft] are also being clarified, and in principle, if we manage to agree on all the necessary documents, cross flights can begin in the autumn of 2022 at the earliest. It is possible that the crew will be clarified further,” Krikalev said.

According to the Executive Director, the issue of cross flights requires coordination with the government, which is what Roscosmos is currently doing. At the moment, the crew of the Soyuz spacecraft includes Sergey Prokopyev, Anna Kikina, and Dmitry Petelin.

Ru-Main, 25.11.2021 
Source: TASS 

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