Cynologists Told About Most Popular Dog Names in Russia

The Russian Cynological Federation (RKF) has compiled a rating of the most popular dog names in the country. According to the president of the organization, Vladimir Golubev, the top 3 most popular names based on data for this year includes Oscar, Jasmine, and Olivia. 

“A name for a pet is the most often used command, which for a dog means a certain signal of attention. And the choice of a name often causes difficulties, since many want it to match the character and temperament of a pet,” Golubev said.

It is specified that about 320,000 puppies are registered in the unified pedigree book of the RKF annually, RIA News reports. The top 10 also included Valencia, Jacqueline, Zeus, Yesenia, Elisha, Eva, and Zlata.

Ru-Main, 19.07.2020

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