Dancers from Moscow became World Champions in Sequoia

Muscovites won the world championship in dancesport in the discipline of sequoias. It was held in the Small Hall of the State Kremlin Palace. 

Picture: Moscow Mayor Official Website

Couples from Russia, Georgia, Czech Republic, Hungary, USA, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Belarus, and other countries took part in the World Cup.

In the European sequel program, muscovites Semyon Khrzhanovsky and Elizaveta Lykhina took the title of world champions. The strongest in the Latin American program were Fedor Polyansky and Dina Akhmetgareeva, who were also representatives of Moscow.

Judges evaluated not only the performing skills and technique of the athletes but also the idea of ​​the dance, the creativity of the prepared costumes, directing and production, according to the Moscow Mayor’s official website.

Ru-Main, 15.12.2019


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