Daughters of Red Army Soldier Received Medal From Kaliningrad

In Taganrog, the daughters of the Red Army soldier, Pyotr Pishvanov, were handed over the medal “For Military Merit”, the press service of the South Military District reports.  

Picture: South Military District Official Website

“After the archival work, its owner was established – Red Army soldier Pishvanov Petr Vasilyevich, a native of the Yegorlyk district of the Rostov region, a shooter of the 4th rifle company of the 2nd battalion of the 532nd rifle regiment of the 111th rifle division,” the Head of the press service of the Southern Military District, Vadim Astafiev, said.

It is clarified that Lieutenant Pishvanov, under fierce fire from enemy guns, delivered more than ten boxes of cartridges and grenades to the front line. It was thanks to this feat that the fierce attack of the fascists with great losses for them was repulsed.

Ru-Main, 25.03.2021

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