Day of Health Held in Novosibirsk House of Veterans

The Day of Health was held in the Novosibirsk Regional Veterans House. All veterans were invited to undergo a medical examination: donate blood, make a cardiogram, visit a therapist and other specialists, VN.RU reports. 

Picture: Novosibirsk Regional Website

Medical staff at the Veteran’s House provides emergency care and calls an ambulance or district doctor if necessary. Doctors know all the veterans, visits them weekly. Therapists, narrow specialists, and laboratory assistants come to visit veterans. They say, that their task is to identify senile asthenia at an early stage, ensure the quality of life, and not lose autonomy.

The Elder Generation program should help solve the problems that accompany old age. According to Yaroslav Frolov, Minister of Labour and Social Development of the Novosibirsk Region, they will try their best to make older people able to get screening directly at their places of residence. They also plan to bring primary medical care as close as possible to residents of remote villages.

Ru-Main, 03.03.2020

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