Demand for Individual Pension Plan Grew in Rostov

Residents of the Rostov region have begun to save more money for private pensions using an individual pension plan (IPP). In 2020 and the first two months of 2021, more than one thousand residents turned to the offices of Sberbank to issue this instrument for long-term savings, 1rnd reports. 

It is stated that the total amount of investments by residents of the Rostov region in their non-state pension in 2020 amounted to 87 million rubles. Significant growth is associated with the expansion of the premium IPP product line and the development of digital sales channels. It is specified that the average check on the IPP “Target” in 2020 increased compared to 2019 by almost 1,000 rubles and amounted to 4,700 rubles. And the average check on the IPP in the Premier channel of Sberbank clients in the Rostov region amounted to 592 thousand rubles.

It is clarified that in order to keep income at the level of 80-100 per cent of the salary after retirement and thereby ensure a comfortable standard of living, it is enough to save 2-4 per cent on the IPP from 25-30 years old. The minimum initial payment is 2,000 rubles. Then subsequent instalments start from 1,000 rubles. It is noted that a receiver himself chooses the frequency of payments, which assumes an individual schedule of contributions and the ability to use savings ahead of schedule.

Ru-Main, 25.02.2021 

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