Demand for VTB Bank Mortgages Grew by 15%

In the first days after the decrease in mortgage rates, VTB records an increase in the number of applications received from clients by 15% compared to the average values ​​in July. The experts stated that up to 4,500 borrowers apply to the bank every day. 

The VTB bank has adjusted the price parameters for the entire line of basic mortgage programmes. Now, a loan for finished or under construction housing, as well as refinancing an existing mortgage from another bank can be issued at a rate of 7.4% per annum, and as part of the Far Eastern mortgage, for 1%.

It is specified that a mortgage loan at VTB with a rate of 7.4% is available to customers when buying a home with an initial payment of 50% or more, or to families who have had their second or subsequent child since January 1, 2020. For salary clients, the rate ranges from 8.1%.

It is noted that under the Far Eastern mortgage programme, the rate has been reduced to a record low of 1%. A soft loan is available for buying a flat in a new building or purchasing a finished home from a developer in the Far Eastern Federal District. All price parameters are subject to the comprehensive insurance of the borrower.

Ru-Main, 12.08.2020 

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