Depeche Mode’s Frontman Would Prefer Russian Rocket for Space Travel

The frontman of the iconic rock band Depeche Mode, Dave Gahan, famous all over the world for hits such as ‘Personal Jesus’, ‘Enjoy the Silence’, and ‘Never Let Me Down Again’ said that if he was up for an extraterrestrial journey, he would choose a Russian spacecraft rather than one made by Blue Origin or Virgin Galactic. 

“We will never choose [Blue Origin company of Jeff] Bezos, no, I’ve seen his ship,” Gahan and the band’s producer, Richie Machin, told in an interview with the ‘Izvestiya’ Russian outlet. “Maybe a Russian one, it could be a Russian ship.”

The two also agreed that they would not go for a ship made by Virgin Galactic, a company associated with British billionaire Richard Branson.

It is reminded that Russia’s space agency Roscosmos just recently returned to its ambitions to run a space tourism business by dispatching two Japanese cosmic adventurers, billionaire Yusaku Maezawa and his assistant Yozo Hirano, to the ISS in December 2021. Bezos, who is behind the Blue Origin aerospace company, flew to space in July 2021. In the same month, Branson also reached the final frontier onboard his Virgin Galactic rocket plane.

Ru-Main, 17.01.2022
Source: Sputnik 

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