Device Healing Bullet Wounds Invented by Ural Scientists

Ural scientists have come up with a device that, through the production of special argon gas, promotes the regeneration of wounds. It will help heal cuts, wounds and scars on the human body several times faster than they heal in natural conditions. 

Picture: Yekaterinburg regional Website

The device promotes the healing of bullet holes, can be used in surgery and dentistry, as well as for disinfection and sterilization of medical instruments. It can provide invaluable assistance in situations of accident, emergencies and in the war zone.

The device will greatly simplify the healing process. It disinfects the surface, eliminates purulent-inflammatory complications. Stimulates the accelerated reproduction of body cells. The area of ​​scars, which consist of connective tissue, is reduced.

The introduction of mass production is planned from 2021, so the price of the device has not yet been determined. Now the creators are looking for investors.

Earlier it was said that scientists from Ural Federal University invented a device that helps to search for minerals in space.

Ru-Main, 28.11.2019

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