Direct Train Kazan-Simferopol Starts Carry Passengers in April

On April 29, the first transit train Yekaterinburg-Simferopol will stop at the Vosstaniya station in Kazan. Now Tatarstan residents can go to Simferopol by direct rail links. 

The train runs on Wednesdays and goes through Saransk, Penza, and Rostov-on-Don. The train consists of the compartment and reserved seat wagons. Travel time is 48 hours. From Kazan, the train leaves at 4.05 pm and arrives in Simferopol at 4.10 pm.

Tickets for new destinations are already available. The cost of tickets from Kazan to Simferopol varies from 3,435 rubles (upper lateral seats in the reserved seat) to 6,489 rubles (lower seats in the compartment). They can be purchased at the long-distance railway ticket offices, on the Grand Service Express official website and in the GSE Tickets mobile app.

Ru-Main, 11.03.2020

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