Dmitry Medvedev: Why Contacts With Current Ukrainian Leadership are Pointless

The Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev published his new article in the Kommersant newspaper. In the document, he highlighted the main obstacles on the way to peace establishment in the relations between Russia and Ukraine.   

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Medvedev has divided his article into 5 passages which he called “Five Short Polemical Theses”.  In the first one, he noted that even though Ukraine is currently in search of its identity, the country’s leaders are people who do not have any stable self-identification themselves.

“Unhappy people. Who are they, what country are they citizens of, where are their roots, what is their historical identity, ethnic component, to which gods do they pray? Who do they feel like?” asked Medvedev.

He emphasised that the current president of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, is a man with certain ethnic roots who has spoken Russian all his life and even worked in Russia and received “significant funds from Russian sources”.

“Nevertheless, at some point, after becoming the head of state, out of fear of getting another ‘Maidan’ directed against his personal power, he completely changed his political and moral orientation. And in fact, he gave up his identity. He began to earnestly serve the most rabid nationalist forces of Ukraine,” stated Medvedev.

The Russian politician noted that even though the Ukrainian president is afraid of the country’s nationalists and does not like them, he is forced to preach their ideologies that are “disgusting” to him.

“How can you negotiate and negotiate with him in such a situation? No way,” says Medvedev.

In his second point, the Russian official speaks about the absolute absence of independence of the current Ukrainian government (here he also refers to the article by the Russian President Vladimir Putin). He drew a distinction between the USSR impact on Ukraine and that one made now by the West. Medvedev stressed that if USSR gave sufficient scope in the formation of domestic policy to its geopolitical allies in need of good relations, then the US “needs nothing from Ukraine except confrontation with Russia”.

“This means that such an alliance is extremely fragile and at some point, it will crumble to dust. Hopes for membership in NATO and the EU are also ephemeral for obvious reasons. Ukraine itself has no value on the line of direct confrontation of Western forces (including potentially military) with our country […] it’s pointless for us to deal with vassals. Business needs to be conducted with a suzerain,” stated Medvedev.

Next was highlighted the weakness of Ukrainian leadership in their chase for money. According to Medvedev, “there was no leader who could sacrifice himself for the sake of Ukraine, and not try to monetize his stay in power”.

“Contacts with such weak people are unproductive. They will sell you at any moment for a penny,” notes the Russian politician.

Moreover, Medvedev said that the government of Ukraine are constantly changing their position “to please their overseas masters and the political conjuncture” understanding it as the art of diplomacy. As an example, he talked about the Minsk agreements, which, after internal turmoil in the Rada, were violated as the country’s leaders have changed their position in a completely different direction.

“Yes, compromises are possible in politics, sometimes some deviations from the formed line, but not to the extent that the agreed approach changes to the diametrically opposite […] Such “partners” in international relations, who compete in a constant lie, are not and cannot be trusted. This means that negotiations with them are absolutely useless,” Medvedev said.

Making a conclusion to his thoughts, the Russian politician asked – What to do then in this situation? And answered himself – nothing. He stated that the only that is left in the current conditions is to wait for the appearance of “a sane leadership in Ukraine” aimed not at a total confrontation with Russia on the verge of war but at building equal and mutually beneficial relations.

“That’s the only kind of the Ukrainian leadership worth dealing with. Russia is able to wait. We are patient people,” Dmitry Medvedev concluded his article.

The Kremlin supported Medvedev’s theses having noted that this is an important publication in which “many things are called by their names”, according to the Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov, RBC reports.

“Indeed, many things are called by their names. In fact, at various levels, we have talked a lot about the difficulties of restoring dialogue, given that previous agreements are not being implemented by Ukrainian partners […] The fact is that the modalities do not change, the status of the implementation of previous agreements does not change, and in this context, of course, no prospects are seen, although readiness as such has been repeatedly declared by the President,” Peskov stated.

Ru-Main, 11.10.2021
Source: Kommersant 

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