Do not Sell – Help to Buy: Forum on Sales Brings Together Hundreds of Best City Companies

On December 4, in Omsk, managers, sellers and marketers will be able to pump skills in negotiations, sales and working with modern tools.

Free digital forum “Sales Territory” will bring together experts in retail, IT and online trading, sales and negotiation consultants who will share their experience in effective development of sales offline and online.

“Trainings, intensives and books are a theory, it will help only at the start. But if sales are going well, and you want more? If you have the best sales team and your customers’ number are not growing? Learn from the speakers’ practical experience on the forum, get answers to questions, discuss trends and successful cases with colleagues,” the organizers recommend.

The forum will be attended by company experts: MTS, Group, 1C-Bitrix, MySklad, Business Information Technologies, as well as a sales expert with the help of recommendations, Alexei Makarov and Dmitry Ustyantsev, head of the Management Competency Development Center.

Participation is free, but there are always 2 times more people wishing to attend events related to sales than there are seats in the hall. You can register beforehand on the site and take a seat or listen while standing for 5 hours.

To easily use modern technology for the benefit of business and personal wealth, you only need to invest your time in attending the forum.

Ru-Main, 26.11.2019, Picture: Omsk regional Website 

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