Don Scientists Developed 3D Scanner for Stump Analysis

A postgraduate student at Don State Technical University, Denis Hashev, has developed a device that produces high-precision scanning of a truncated upper limb when creating a prosthesis, the university’s press service reports. 

The automated analyzer of the stump ‘BioSculptor 3D Touch Scanner’ is designed to improve the quality of the prosthesis socket and reduce the cost of its development. The device will simplify the work of prosthetists, increase the design accuracy of prosthetic sleeves and, in the future, will increase the information content of EMG studies.

For analysis, a patient needs to place the stump in the centre of the measuring ring, the analyzer moves along the limb, exerting pressure on the surface of the stump and reading the data through every centimetre. Exceeding the limit force is monitored using a sensitive strain gauge, which is painless for a patient. Data in the form of a cloud of points is transmitted to the computer and then the programme builds a 3D model of the patient’s stump and sleeve.

The scanner examines a stump, collects information about the location of muscles, bones, adipose tissue, and creates a 3D model of the culture socket. The output of the scan results in the form of a 3D model allows quickly examine the measurement results. It is specified that the study of a stump lasts no more than 15 minutes and the construction of a 3D model takes 30-40 minutes on average.

Ru-Main, 25.03.2021, Pictures: DonSTU Official Website 

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