Donbass Republics Started Referendum to Join Russia

A referendum has started today, which will determine the future of millions of residents of the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics, as well as the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions. The only question that voters are asked is whether they want their territory to become a part of Russia. Statistics show that the absolute majority will answer positively to this question. 

Today, the results of a survey conducted by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM) have appeared. According to the results, 87 per cent of respondents in the DPR and LPR are ready to come to the polling stations. There are 80 per cent of people with the same opinion in Zaporozhye, and 69 per cent in the Kherson region. Of these, an absolute number of voters fully support the entry of their regions into Russia: 97 per cent each in the Donetsk and Lugansk republics, 87 per cent in Zaporozhye, and 89 per cent of the voters of the Kherson region.

It is specified that the referendum will be held for five days, which is done in order to ensure the safety of participants. One can vote not only at polling stations, but also at home, as well as on the territory of the house, in mobile polling stations.

Picture: Mobile voting station in Lugansk, LPR

As the election commission staff told, it is initially supposed to collect votes in public areas, and then, the apartment-by-apartment bypass will begin.

Referendum in the Lugansk and Donetsk Republics

In Lugansk, despite the rain, there are long queues at polling stations for the referendum. People do not hide what they write in the bulletin and are happy that they can finally do what they have been waiting for for 8 years.

“Residents of the Republic are ready to confirm by voting in a referendum on the entry of the LPR into the Russian Federation that the choice made in 2014 was conscious,” the Chairman of the Public Chamber of the LPR, Alexey Karyakin, said.

He was supported by the Chairman of the People’s Council of the LPR, Denis Miroshnichenko, who noted the importance of the event.

“On the eve of the referendum on joining the Russian Federation, the Republic has reached the finish line on the way to the dream of reunification with Russia,” he said.

As specified by the Chairman of the Central Election Commission of the LPR, Elena Kravchenko, the total turnout in the LPR is very high, as only by 2 pm on the first day of voting it was 13.2 per cent.

Picture: The Chairman of the Central Election Commission of the LPR Elena Kravchenko

On the important occasion, the Chairman of the LPR Federation of Trade Unions, Igor Ryabushkin, noted that this “holiday”, as he called the referendum, residents of Donbass have been waiting for 8 years, so now they feel joy and pride.

Picture: The Chairman of the LPR Federation of Trade Unions Igor Ryabushkin (on the right)

He also told that a few months before the referendum, a study was conducted and residents from different employment fields were interviewed to understand what their mood is and whether they have a desire to join Russia. According to Ryabushkin, the trade unions have made sure that all residents support this decision.

“I wish our voters peace, health and that soon we will say, ‘Our President is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin,” he concluded.

In the DPR, the situation is more complicated. For security reasons, residents vote in the adjacent territories and only on the final day they will be able to come to the polling stations. This was told by the Chairman of the Public Chamber of the DPR Alexander Kofman.

However, it is noted that almost 550 journalists, including from the UK, China, Qatar, France, Italy, Portugal, and Venezuela cover the referendum in the DPR.

“We have accredited 542 journalists for the referendum,” the Ministry of Information of the DPR said.

Besides, 129 observers from Europe, Latin America and Africa are also accredited to the DPR. According to the Central Election Commission, the observers came from at least six countries, among which are Russia, Italy, Venezuela, Romania, Togo, and South Africa.

According to the DPR Ambassador to the Russian Federation, Olga Makeeva, the referendum is “hard-won and fateful”. She specified that residents of Donbass are in 50 regions of Russia, where they go to vote “with great inspiration and happiness.”

Picture: The DPR Ambassador to the Russian Federation Olga Makeeva

Residents of Donbass have earned the right to have their say — the Chairman of the People’s Council of the DPR, Vladimir Bidevka, said on the referendum.

“We have gone through too much, too much blood and tears of our fellow countrymen have been shed by the enemy, so that someone could scare us at this hour. Donbass must return home, to Russia. Let’s do it together!” Bidevka said.

Zaporozhye and Kherson Expressed Will to Join Russia Too

In honor of the referendum, a rally was held on the streets of the liberated Melitopol. Dozens of cars left with flags of Russia and Zaporozhye took part in the rally on the important day. Oncoming drivers greeted the columns with sound signals.

And here is Kherson, “no comments” needed:

In addition, refugees who have moved to Russia are actively voting. There are hundreds of sites for them all over the country. To cast a vote, it is enough to come and show a passport with a residence permit in Donbass, Zaporozhye, or in the Kherson region.

Russians send warm welcome to the voters. Residents of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk came to a rally in support of the referendum in Donbass: “Welcome home, Donbass!”

Picture: Telegram

Ru-Main, 23.09.2022 

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