Drafts Competitions to Be Held in Russia Online

A series of online draft competitions will be held in Moscow from May 11 to May 29, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reports. 

Picture: Moscow Mayor Official Website

In total there will be 15 online competitions in drafts for children under the age of 12 years. Following the results of the entire series of tournaments and each gaming day, the three best participants will be awarded memorable prizes.

“Checkers are simple and unpretentious only at first glance. Like chess, they contribute to the development of intelligence and help to educate a number of the most important qualities in a child: the ability to analyze and predict, the ability to concentrate attention and focus, be purposeful and show the will to win,” the director of the ‘Patriot. Sport‘ centre, Matvey Govorushchenko, said.

Matvey noted that the marathon will allow children to continue learning the game when schools went into remote mode. The competitions will be held on weekdays at 2 pm.

Ru-Main, 10.05.2020

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