Dubai Government Ready to Invite Russian Tourists

The Dubai government has announced that leading Russian tour operators have already approximately scheduled the start of their charter programmes in October 2020, the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in Russia reported.  

According to the representative of the department, Anna Yastrebova, all conditions have now been created for a safe vacation of Russians in Dubai. Yastrebova emphasized that all tourism infrastructure in the city was thoroughly sanitized. It is noted that to enter the territory of the emirate, vacationers will need a certificate of the absence of coronavirus, as well as a medical policy. On a plane, tourists will be asked to fill out a questionnaire and confirm the absence of any symptoms of the disease. Arriving in Dubai, a tourist will also need to install an application on his smartphone with geolocation tracking and the ability to urgently contact doctors in case of infection.

Ru-Main, 12.07.2020 

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