Earthquake Magnitude 3 Happened in Chelyabinsk

Several earthquakes occurred in the southern Urals over the past week, according to the Kazakhstan National Data Center, chelTV reports. 

Judging by the map of seismic events, on February 21, three earthquakes were recorded on the territory of the Chelyabinsk region with a magnitude of 2.5, which is considered to be barely noticeable.

A shock of slightly greater power was noticed in Ust-Katav and Kropachevo, where the magnitude of the earthquake was 2.7. The third case occurred in Yemanzhelinsk, with a magnitude of 2.8.

On February 24, the impulse of magnitude 3 occurred near the Chelyabinsk airport. Earthquakes of such power are considered very weak. They can only be felt inside some buildings and remind sensitive people shaking of a truck.

Ru-Main, 26.02.2020

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