Education Security: How Students Get to State Exam

The head of the Regional Information Processing Centre, Sergei Kondratyev, claimed it is not difficult for the Unified State Exam (USE) observers to figure out the students who are going to cheat with the help of a smartphone or crib notes, reported. 

It is noted that metal detectors and video surveillance, which are available at each exam point, help to detect an item that is not acceptable in the exam. However, no one has the right to go through the students’ pockets. If a metal detector is triggered, the USE participant is asked to show what the device reacted to.

Public online observers, both federal and regional, usually monitor the order during the exam. Basically, these are university students who, during the exam, sit at the computers and perform the tasks of the coordinators, observing the students, and putting the appropriate marks if they see something strange.

The very fact that crib notes were found means that a participant of the exam is removed and his result is annulled. It is also noted that there is no option that a teacher can hide the fact of catching a cheater because for such actions an administrative fine of up to 20,000 rubles is provided.

Ru-Main, 09.08.2020 

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