Elderly Lady from Novosibirsk Became Star of Fashion TV Show

The issue of the TV-program “Rogov in the City” was filmed in Novosibirsk. The famous stylist, Rogov, transformed the girl Tatyana, who dreams of becoming a TV presenter. 

Picture: Screenshot from ‘Rogov in the City’ YouTube Channel 

Alexander Rogov is a stylist from Voronezh, the host of the makeover show “Rogov in the City”, in which he teaches women to look stylish.

After the girl’s fashion transformation the stylist went to the opera house. According to the subscribers of his youtube channel, the episode with an elderly costume designer of the opera house made this program special. Rogov asked the elderly lady how to wear ballet tutu and to what performance it belongs.

 “Why do you care? A tutu is a tutu. Why you hook your hands there?” answered the woman and showed the stylist how to hold hands on a ballet tutu.

Ru-Main, 08.02.2020

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