Emerald Weighing Half a Kilogram Found at Ural Mine

The collection emerald, which weighs about half a kilogram, was mined at a deposit in the Sverdlovsk region. According to the Mariinsky mine official website, its cost is estimated at 55 thousand dollars, and a government organisation has already become interested in the find. 

Picture: Rostec Official Website

Experts say that the gem found is extremely rare and unique. By colour, it belongs to the first category, by grade – to the second.

The Mariinsky mine is one of three emerald deposits in the world and the only one in Russia. Over the past year, three more high-quality stones were found here, weighing from 80 to 264 grams and costing from 8.8 to 29.1 thousand dollars.

As the Minister of Industry and Science of the Sverdlovsk Region, Sergey Perestoronin, noted, the development strategy of the deposit until 2025 involves an increase in ore production, which means that new unique discoveries can be expected.

Ru-Main, 17.01.2020

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