New Form of Safety: Emergency Driver Rescue Gadget

Russian scientists have developed a device that can track the health status of the driver. If necessary, the gadget will call for help and park the car.

Service for drivers with health problems will appear in Russia by 2022. The system controls the speed of movement in all directions, monitors the pulse of a person and is equipped with accelerometers. This allows it to distinguish between normal activity and a sudden fall or loss of consciousness.

The developers believe that the service will be relevant for older drivers. According to analysts, by 2050 every tenth Russian motorist will cross the age limit of 75 years.

It is planned that the system will connect to the phone through the application. It will be possible to buy the service from car dealers as a piece of additional equipment. Connecting to the Russian ERA-GNSS system will allow you to respond more quickly to the help call signal.

Earlier it was reported that GNSS chips will be installed on goods imported into Russia. Experts note that import chipping can affect its price, as this will entail additional costs.

Ru-Main, 12.11.2019 

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