Emergency Rescue: New Application Helps to Find Missing People

Beeline (PJSC “VimpelCom”) and the search and rescue squad “Lisa Alert” presented a jointly developed solution “Search Center” (6+). The application is mainly aimed at monitoring the movement of older people in need of care, as well as children and people with special needs.

More than 120,000 people are lost annually in Russia. According to Lisa Alert, about 65% of the missing are older people. The application was developed based on the squad experience, which has been developing the system for saving the missing for 9 years.

“The rapidly changing growing of cities, new buildings, new metro lines, a high pace of life – all this at some point becomes a real trap for older people – they cease to focus on the terrain. And if we add to this the age-related changes in memory and the deterioration of mental health, we are presented with a clear picture of how hundreds of helpless lost elderly people walk along the streets of our cities, which remain completely invisible to the rest of the population. This is the problem that we are constantly confronted with, ”stated Grigory Sergeev, chairman of the Liza Alert.

The new solution has built-in application functionality to speed up search operations and prevent accidents: a detailed displacement tracker and a history of previous displacements, a pre-installed questionnaire with special signs and medical needs of the observed person, the ability to call a hotline directly from the application, the SOS button and prompt response to a signal about the help of specialists from the Center for the Search for Missing People. Location accuracy in urban environments is 45 meters.

Ru-Main, 23.11.2019, Picture: Website for Innovative Technologies 

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