Entrepreneurs Can Order Bank Cards With Courier Delivery

Entrepreneurs who are clients of Otkrytie Bank have an opportunity to order business cards through the Internet banking system with courier delivery to the company’s office, to the home address of a cardholder, or to any other convenient for a client place, om1 reports.  

Picture: Tver Regional Website

To receive a card with courier delivery it is necessary to go to the Internet Bank portal, fill out an application, and sign it using the SMS password code. The process takes 1–2 minutes. After verification, the application is forwarded to the courier service, the operator calls a client back to agree on the time and place of card delivery. The courier arrives at the agreed address, checks the client’s passport, and hands over the card.

Having issued a plastic card, owners of small and medium-sized businesses get many opportunities for fast, convenient, and safe transactions with funds. It is noted that the main value for an entrepreneur is time, that is why the delivery of a card by courier significantly saves his time.

Ru-Main, 13.09.2020 

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