Entrepreneurs Share Mistakes on Business Forum

On December 11, the Sinara Centre cultural and exhibition complex will host an entirely new format entrepreneurial forum. Businessmen of Yekaterinburg will meet to share with each other their most curious business mistakes and talk about how they got out of the situation within the framework of the “Fail Night” organization. 

Among the speakers of “Fail Night” are the creator of the digital company ILLUMINARIUM3000 Yuri Pelin, co-founder of MOZGO Group of Companies Ruslan Gilyazov, founder of the confectionery and confectionery school “Conditorium” Sergey Tretyakov, laser clinics Linline Cosmetology owner Yulia Frangulova, creator of the delivery and farm products store Firma Ferma and ELK tableware factory Roman Tashkinov, creator of the Ecotaxi, Veschevorot and ReBoard projects Dmitry Zakarlyukin.

“This year, 100 Sverdlovsk businessmen received free assistance from the fund in promoting their business. As part of the “Open Lessons”, we encourage students to think about their own business, organize entrepreneurs’ meetings at events of various formats. At Fail Night, we propose combining business with pleasure: share your punctures in business and have fun in the evening,” said Ilya Sulla, director of the Sverdlovsk Regional Entrepreneurship Support Fund.

The program of the evening includes speakers, quest-acquaintance, networking and much more. The “Fail Night” will complete the after-party. The beginning is at 18:00. Participation in the event is free. Pre-registration required.

Ru-Main, 07.12.2019

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