Environment-Friendly House: New Way to Save on Utility Bills

Residential complex “Komsomolskaya, 67” received a gold certificate of Green Zoom standard after an independent examination. 

High-class and energy-efficient household appliances consume a minimum of electricity without compromising functionality. Naturally, this has a positive effect on utility bills.

The development company Pervostroitel was one of the first to decide on a set of engineering solutions inherent in private housing construction of an apartment building.

Residential complex “Komsomolskaya, 67” became the owner of a gold certificate of the first Russian standard Green Zoom, which is formed according to the European model, but taking into account the peculiarities of living conditions in Russia.

The “Komsomolskaya 67” is being built in the Universitetsky microdistrict using environmentally friendly and certified materials. According to the results of energy modelling, the annual energy consumption of the “Komsomolskaya 67” is 46% lower than that of standard projects. Therefore, the maintenance of the house will be cheaper: heating costs will be reduced to 30%.

Ru-Main, 15.11.2019, Pictures: Residential Complex Website  

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