Europa Plus Radio Gives Certificates for Unlimited Visit to Ski Complex

On February 10 in the morning show of the radio Europa Plus Yekaterinburg started the project Snowbattle. The winners will get winter prizes: 5 certificates for an unlimited visit to the ski complex “Volchikha Mountain” for the whole day for two people. 

Each certificate includes entry/parking on the territory of the complex, 15 ascents to the mountain, rental of equipment (skiing, snowboarding, and others) and hour of skating with the instructor. In addition, Europe Plus will play branded products of the radio station. To participate in the project it is necessary to call on the air of the morning show Bodroye Utro (“Cheerful Morning”) and play the game.

The project will last until February 28. Last year the radio station already held Snowbattle”. For this project “Europe Plus Yekaterinburg” received a gold statue in the final of the award “Radiomania 2019” (the most prestigious award in the field of radio broadcasting in Russia, also known as “Radio Oscar”). More details can be found on the radio group VK-Page.

Ru-Main, 10.02.2020

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