European Parliament Admitted Serious Damage From Anti-Russian Sanctions for EU Airlines

The EU airlines have been seriously affected by sanctions against Russia, as stated in the draft resolution of the European Parliament (EP), which they plan to adopt during the session that started on Monday, May 2, in Strasbourg. 

According to the EP, European aviation is facing an increase in operating costs. Also, due to restrictions, airlines are forced to rearrange routes and cancel flights.

“The maximum necessary increase in the route for aircraft to fly around the airspace of Russia and Belarus is from three to four hours one way,” the EP clarified.

The parliament noted that this leads to problems with refueling and an increase in the working day of the crew, which is not provided for in EU rules.

In addition, the EP pointed to the possibility of interruptions in the supply of titanium in the near future, since its main producers are Russia and Ukraine. It is noted that this metal is used in the production of aircraft.

Ru-Main, 03.05.2022
Source: Lenta 

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