Russians Assure: There are No Irreplaceable Employees

Russian companies in the field of logistics, sales, and information technology claim that there are no irreplaceable employees (38%), according to SuperJob job search service, even though 37% of Russian companies are sure that they have employees that cannot be replaced.    

Most often, programmers, engineers, and technicians, skilled workers, managers, accountants, doctors, and nurses express confidence in the fact that they have irreplaceable workers. It is stated that among working Russians, almost every third person considers himself an irreplaceable employee (32 per cent). Almost every second person (49 per cent) adheres to the opposite point of view claiming that everyone can be replaced if it will be better for an enterprise.

Interestingly, the older Russians are, the less often they say that they cannot be replaced at work. Thus, 37 per cent of young people under 24 and 28 per cent of respondents over 45 claimed so. On the contrary, young specialists are sure that each employee is unique, each has its own ideas, methods of work, and way of communication. In turn, the older generation assures that there are no irreplaceable people (though one experienced worker costs two inexperienced ones).

Ru-Main, 16.07.2021 

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