“Everything is Possible” Charity Foundation Starts Work in Novosibirsk

Advisor to the President on Disabled Affairs Ksenia Bezuglova arrived in Novosibirsk with a charity mission. This year, the “Everything is Possible” fund, which she heads, has a Siberian branch. Already, work is underway to improve the lives of people with disabilities.

Car accident, hospital, wheelchair – the trouble happened 11 years ago. At first, Ksenia Bezuglova was greatly suppressed. Everything changed after the beauty contest, where she took first place and since then she decided to help people with disabilities return to society.

“I would like the extraordinary projects that exist in the arsenal of my foundation to come here confidently. They received state support, support from community members and support for disabled children,” said Ksenia.

Specialists save children with disabilities from disability. The “Everything is Possible” Foundation is focusing on sports, thanks to which the Russian Federation of Practical Shooting has even created a separate discipline in which disabled people perform. At the international level, our athletes with disabilities compete in skydiving. At the same time, the president of the fund is the world champion.

Similar projects are also being implemented in Novosibirsk soon, but they decided to start with creativity. Paintings by feet are painted by an artist with cerebral palsy near Novosibirsk.

“The next project is a photo exhibition, exclusively people with disabilities, men and women, are performing. With the help of top stylists of the city, we give them the opportunity to feel like the top models,” said Daria Afanasyeva, director of the foundation “Everything is Possible” in Siberia.

Everything is possible in the fund, they believe, the main thing is to abandon the dependent model of behaviour, to give people the opportunity to express themselves. For example, in Novosibirsk, where hockey is popular, they are considering the option of creating a para-hockey team.

Ru-Main, 27.11.2019

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