Exhibition in St. Petersburg Charity Cafe ‘Garden’

Gennady Zavyalov is a member of the art studio of the psycho-neurological boarding school, which was opened by the charity organization Perspectives in 2001. The artist draws inspiration from Japanese graphics and Chinese calligraphy. 

Picture: ‘Culture Coffee’ Cafe Instagram-Page

Gennady’s works have already been exhibited in 2018 when the artist took part in an exhibition held at the New Museum in St. Petersburg. Now his paintings can be seen in the charity cafe “Garden” (Voronezhskaya street, 42a). The exhibition runs until January 24, 2020.

The cafe was opened in St. Petersburg in the fall of 2019. The main goal of the creator of the cafe is charity. According to the owner, some time ago he participated in the organization of the preparation and distribution of free meals.

Since then, he had the idea to solve the problem of access to food for those in need. So far, he cannot do this on his own, but decided to help the foundations – all the cafe’s net profit goes to charitable organizations.

Ru-Main, 18.01.2020

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