Expert Advised on Successful Job Search

Job seekers, first of all, are advised to improve their personal profiles on social networks, general director of the ProPersonnel recruiting company, Tatyana Dolyakova, said.

According to the expert, the personnel management service looks at the behaviour of applicants in the outside world, as well as what friends they have. 10-15 percent of employers refuse candidates because of an inappropriate profile on a social network, which is a visual continuation of a curriculum vitae, Sputnik radio reports.

Dolyakova noted that old photos from the sea or parties on social networks can become a problem for future employment. For girls looking for a job, the expert advised not to publish pictures in swimsuits or provocative poses, as well as pictures with a drink. Photos with cats can also play against you and create a wrong image of your personality.

Ru-Main, 24.04.2020

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