Expert Named Most Popular Russian Goods Abroad

The demand for Russian goods in recent years has been growing not only within the country but also abroad, RIA Novosti reports. The most popular among foreign buyers are electronics (34 per cent of all sales), designer clothes, toys, souvenirs, as well as goods of the “beauty and health” segment, according to the Development Director of the ‘Ecwid’ International E-Commerce Company in Russia Vladimir Tarasov. 

“The stereotype that Russian goods cannot be put on a par with foreign ones in quality has long outlived its usefulness. Residents of the Russian Federation begin to appreciate local goods more and more every year, and in recent years, the number of their buyers from abroad has also grown – in 2020 online exports grew by more than 40 per cent a year,” Tarasov noted.

The expert clarified that this is mainly not the resale of things from China but Russians’ own inventions, technologies, solutions, the main buyer of which is the USA. In second place are gifts and souvenirs which account for every fifth order of buyers from abroad at Russian sites.

“At the same time, it is not the national theme that is popular, but souvenirs depicting celebrities, cartoon characters, game characters. These can be 3D figures, badges, magnets, clothes, etc. The main sales market is Europe and the United States,” Tarasov said.

Besides, Russian designer clothes are also popular among foreign buyers. This type of goods is especially appreciated by Europeans for low prices and excellent quality. In addition, buyers from abroad are traditionally attracted by the goods of the “beauty and health” segment.

“In this category, manufacturers emphasize that production is located in Russia, which is appreciated in other countries due to the wide popularity of Russian natural resources,” the specialist stressed.

According to the expert, toys are very popular in Canada and Australia. Basically, these are characters from games, films, comics. Thus, 50 per cent of all sales of toys abroad go to these countries making toys one of the most popular goods for Russian export.

Ru-Main, 10.08.2021 

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