Experts Analysed Demand for Delivery Service in Russia

According to the survey, 43% of Russians used home delivery services, while 57% did not, the Public Opinion Fund reports. Of those who use the service, 10% started doing this less than a year ago, 12% from one to three years ago, other 12% five and more years ago, and 8% from three to five years ago. 

It is noted that this year, 11% of respondents began to use the home delivery service more often, 22% used it about the same number of times, and 7% less often. Also, 10% of survey participants use the delivery service approximately once a month, other 10% once in several months, 6% use it several times a month, 8% approximately once a year, 5% less than once a year, and 2% several times a week.

The last time, when ordering with home delivery, 40% of Russians among 43% of those who used this service were satisfied with the work of a courier and a courier company service. It is specified that among the most frequently ordered goods, the respondents named ready-made food (14%), non-food products (14%), household appliances and electronics (12%), food (11%), clothes and shoes (10%), as well as cosmetics and household chemicals (4%).

Ru-Main, 10.12.2020  

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