Experts Analysed How Russians Plan Vacations

Russian tourists quickly determine the destination of their vacation and come to a place with a ready-made plan. To choose a vacation destination they use Internet more often than travel agencies, the NAFI Analytical Agency reports.   

Experts report that the main channel for finding information about an upcoming trip for Russians is the Internet because it is through it that country residents choose a place to travel (61%) and make a list of places to stay (78%). Also, it became known that 23% of Russians ask their relatives or friends for advice about where to go on vacation, while 19% turn to travel agencies, and 10% ask for advice in thematic groups on social networks.

According to the results of the study, Russians are quite efficient in choosing the direction of their vacation. Thus, more than half (62%) of respondents spend a week or less on choosing a destination for a trip, every third (34%) decides it in 1-3 days, and only 12% of Russians spend more than a month on making a choice.

In addition, the majority of respondents (60%) come on vacation with a ready-made plan of places they would like to visit. In particular, women are more likely to have such a plan than men (64% versus 52%), and they also more often use the services of a guide (49% versus 28%). It is noted that those who don’t have a specific plan turn to hotel staff and local residents for advice or look into online maps.

Ru-Main, 11.01.2021 

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