Experts Analysed Novosibirsk Residents’ Working Dreams

At the end of 2020, job-seeking activity in Novosibirsk increased by 62%, and salary offers amounted to 35,000 rubles, reports. Most often, candidates try to find a job in the areas of “Civil Service, NGOs” (+77% of requests compared to 2019), “Household Staff” (+63%), and “Housing and Communal Services, Operation” (+59%).  

It is noted that last year the best-paid work was in the construction and automotive business, the level of earnings in these areas increased by 13% (45,000 rubles a month). The most demanded professions in 2020 were those related to the fields of “Construction”, “Production, Raw Materials, Agriculture”, “Sales”, “Transport, Logistics”. In fifth place in terms of the number of vacancies at the end of 2020 is the group of professions “Without Experience, Students”.

It is also specified that Moscow and St. Petersburg are traditionally leading in terms of wages in the country. The median salary for full-time vacancies in Moscow is 55,000 rubles (+10% compared to 2019), in St. Petersburg 45,000 rubles (+13%). In Novosibirsk, the median salary in 2020 has not changed compared to 2019 and amounted to 35 thousand rubles.

Ru-Main, 15.01.2021 

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