Experts Assessed Russian Entrepreneurs’ Happiness Level

Analysts of the SberZdorovye and YooKassa services conducted a psychological study dedicated to Entrepreneur’s Day which is traditionally celebrated in Russia on May 26. Specialists studied the level of happiness of Russian businessmen using the Oxford Happiness Inventory (OHI), TASS reports. The study showed that the majority of Russian entrepreneurs are optimistic about their future. 

Specialists have found out that 74.5 per cent of entrepreneurs in Russia are optimistic about their future, 68 per cent are satisfied with their lives, and the average happiness level of businessmen is 46.13 points out of 100. It is specified that among business owners there are more happy women than men (66 points against 52.9). At the same time, employees who work for hire are happier than their bosses (only 6.5 per cent are dissatisfied with their lives).

The most satisfied with their lives, according to the results of the study, were representatives of the creative business industry (bloggers, coaches, and artists, 84 per cent). The lowest happiness index was recorded among IT specialists (45 points).

Among entrepreneurs with a monthly income of up to 100 thousand rubles, 57.4 per cent are satisfied with their lives. Interestingly, in this category, men and women assess their emotional state almost the same. Most businessmen with an income of 100 to 300 thousand rubles (almost 72 per cent of the respondents) and with an income of 301 to 500 thousand rubles (87 per cent of the respondents) are satisfied with their lives.

Entrepreneurs with an income of 500 thousand rubles or more are fully satisfied with their lives. However, among those who earn more than a million rubles a month, only 33 per cent of the respondents feel absolutely happy.

Ru-Main, 26.05.2021 

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